Craig Steven Ibarra was born and raised in San Pedro, California. Craig does various types of art for fun, including: stencil art, illustration, collage, layout and design. He has his own record label, puts on occasional gigs in Pedro and is working on a book on the early history of San Pedro punk that he hopes to finish sometime this year (2014). Craig still resides in Pedro, has two part time jobs and two cats named Pawncho and Cornbread.



2014 B.C. is a name that I came up with to use as a promoter tag (2014 B.C. presents) whenever Bob Archer and I put on gigs together here in San Pedro. The B.C. stands for Bob and Craig and the year is the one we are currently in. I do the booking/promoting and Bob handles the sound. We do sporadic gigs to help pay for ads for our record label, Water Under the Bridge Records. We started doing gigs together in April of 2013.

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END FWY is a name that we use for the community sound system here in town. END FWY = SAN PEDRO, which is at the end of the 110 Harbor Freeway, south. Danny Partida and I also use it as a promoter tag (END FWY presents) whenever we put on gigs together here in town. I do the booking/promoting and Danny handles the sound. We started doing gigs together as END FWY in late 2010.


WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE RECORDS is an independent record label started by Bob Archer and I. WUB is based in San Pedro, with the sole purpose of documenting and releasing music from the Harbor Area of Los Angeles. The label was established in 2008 and is still managing to keep its head above water.


A WAILING OF A TOWN "An Oral History of Early San Pedro Punk and More" 1978-1985

This is a book that I've been working on since January 2007. I am very close to being finished — I swear. Directly below is a note that will be included in the book and will give you an idea about said book.


This story of music, art, and community in the South Bay area of Los Angeles is not necessarily to be read chronologically. Instead, the story draws from a rich history of artists and community members who describe not just what happened, but how it happened, how the characters involved felt, what they loved and what they hated, their joys and sorrows alike. We hope that this book gives the reader a sense of discussing the events of the day with old friends. We want you, the reader, to be a part of the history of the San Pedro music and art scene, and not merely to observe it. Thus, we have added individual chapters to discuss bands, clubs and other people, places and things relevant and unique to the story and the history of this humble port town. We hope this adds depth and color to the story of the town of San Pedro.

Although we are interested in the rich history of the underground Los Angeles music scene as a whole, we have chosen to focus on San Pedro as a part of our own history, to share a unique story we feel has not yet been written. Therefore, the vast majority of interviews, stories, places and events are based in San Pedro, a blue-collar beach community housing the vast Port of Los Angeles. San Pedro is currently an annexed neighborhood of Los Angeles, yet, with 25 miles of freeway to downtown L.A., San Pedro was, and is to this day, a distinct yet somewhat provincial community of its own.

Locales and events not based in San Pedro are noted in the text. Perhaps this will help the reader feel more at home as, through the course of this book, you venture out and return back to our bustling urban beach town of San Pedro, California.

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THE RISE AND THE FALL OF THE HARBOR AREA is a regional fanzine I started in January 2004 with help from the San Pedro punk community. We managed to publish 14 issues in five years — the last one was published in October 2009. This (free in L.A.) zine covered mostly music, skateboarding, art and environment. 11 of 14 back issues are still available.

Back Issues

DEAF-CON is a name that I originally came up with (Deaf-Con '96) for a gig that I put on at Sacred Grounds (San Pedro, CA) in 1996. In 1997 — I started promoting gigs with Jason Faulk and Alex Hernandez (Alex's Bar) at the Foothill Club (Signal Hill, CA) and we used this name as our promoter tag (Deaf-Con presents). I continued to use this tag in 1998 and again in 2008 for gigs that I would promote by myself.


THE PUNCH LINE is a San Pedro music calendar that I started in March 1995. I did the research/mockups/traditional layout, Grace Walker did the computer layout and Vinnie Vegas did the printing. We did 10 issues — the last one was made for December 1995. The calendar listed the majority of Pedro artists along with their upcoming gigs and was distributed around town with the hope of getting people to find out about these gigs and start supporting local bands. For the most part, it didn't work — I guess that was the punch line.


RIG is a San Pedro band that I sang for from 1991 to late 1997. We have two full-length records released on CRUZ Records and a couple singles on other labels. Rig also appears on various compilations. We did one big US/Canada tour (50 gigs/60 days) with the Greg Ginn band in 1994. Ginn also produced our first record in 1993.


NO COMPRENDE is a San Pedro party band that I sang for from 1988 to early 1990. N.C. did a 4-track recording in September 1988. We did reunion gigs in 1995 and 1998 and then reformed (w/ Raven Harris-Fleps on bass) for eight gigs in 1999, before calling it quits.


S.A.D. began as a small independent seat-of-the-pants cassette-only San Pedro punk label that I started sometime in 1987-88. S.A.D. has documented the majority of punk bands from Pedro from 1984 to the present. Now with this new Bandcamp online music platform available, I am able to make the majority of the back catalog available to you for free — so start downloading …